Hunan Grand Tea Industry Creates a New Marketing Model of Anhua Dark Tea

On April 3rd, 2018, the Hunan Grand Tea·Fu Brick Granule Project, known as "Elegant and Secular Life, One Zen Tea", and the "Hundred Years Agar wood, One Light" Hunan Grand Tea·Qianliang Tea Cake Project both landed., the SuNing Financial Crowdfunding Platform, initiates crowdfunding nationwide and even around the world. The project went very smoothly.


"This is the first time that our Anhua dark tea products have participated in crowdfunding on the e-commerce platform, and we have raised funds for two new product projects from netizen through pre-orders. This new attempt has created a new model for Anhua dark tea marketing and expanded new channels. , injected new vitality." said Zhicai Chang, vice president of Hunan Tea Industry Association, president of Taojiang County Tea Industry Association, and chairman of Hunan Grand Tea Industry. The company is positioned as the "product marketing year" this year. The focus of work is on innovative marketing, full-staff marketing, a good marketing campaign in 2018, and the implementation of a full-coverage marketing strategy, including Hunan Grand tea flagship store (Tmall, Jingdong), etc. E-commerce platform, franchise store (operation center), WeChat public account, company official website, outdoor advertising and other image publicity, carry out the "Wanli Tea Road" Hunan Dark Tea Global Investment and Marketing Summit series activities under the "Belt and Road" initiative, and build And improve all-staff marketing channels and precision marketing models.


Hunan Grand Tea Co., Ltd. launched a "mass entrepreneurship" VIP merchant cooperative marketing plan of "zero inventory, zero risk, high yield, and high return" in the early stage, which effectively controlled business risks for the majority of dealers and potential customers, and eliminated high inventory. Troubles and hidden worries, reduce operating costs, give profits to entrepreneurs, and gain widespread attention from society and the industry. At present, several VIP merchants have signed contracts, and the contract amount has reached 10 million yuan. At the same time, the company actively seeks new resources and business opportunities, has reached a number of investment cooperation intentions, and signed more than 20 contracts and agreements throughout the year.


In order to create a national marketing model that cross-border tea sales to other industries, the company last year successfully expanded its channels to furniture, real estate, decoration by using the existing channels of partners and personal social circles for product promotion and sales. , catering, hotels, agricultural products, financial services and other industries. In terms of e-commerce promotion, the company and's crowdfunding platform initiated crowdfunding for two of the most representative Anhua dark tea products, Qianliang Tea and Fu brick Tea, and the number of orders continued to grow. At the same time, related new products were launched simultaneously on the "WeChat Mall" and "Tmall" malls, and the number of orders also increased significantly. The influence of Anhua dark tea's public brand has been expanded through the Internet.

Post time: May-21-2022


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